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What to know before you buy crypto by Gewel
6 Things To know Before Investing in Crypto The twenty-first century is home to multiple improvements that have shaped and are shaping the way humans live. Different means of living are now profoundly abundant and everyday people are capable of making large scale decisions in a matter of seconds. To be explicit, the process of
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Tokenization Salvation: The Escape from Economic Recession ft image
Gold Tokenization The concept of exchange is one that has been longstanding throughout the centuries. This “give and take” system, where goods and services are swapped and traded, has been the primary means of business for quite some time. However, the diverse on-going global developments have pushed the current monetary system to its final stages.
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Why Invest in Gewel featured image
What is Gewel and why you should invest The twenty-first century has introduced unbelievably advanced innovations that have taken the world by storm. With trends and fads coming and going, it is difficult to know where, and what in, should someone invest! We are here to give you a suggestion. Gewel is here to set
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What Is Delegated proof of stake featured image
Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is a blockchain consensus mechanism in which users who hold that blockchain’s coin are able to vote for “delegates.” Then, these elected delegates make important decisions for the entire network, like deciding which transactions are valid and setting protocol rules. The mechanics of Delegated Proof of Stake are similar to Proof of Stake in